Municipal Court

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The Pacific Municipal Court is a division of the 20th Judicial Circuit Court of Franklin County. Court is held twice a month at 7:00 PM on Thursdays.

Court Personnel:

Judge: Daniel Leslie

Court Clerk: Melissa Allen

Deputy Court Clerk: Janet Fuszner

Prosecutor: Ryan Helfrich

Track or View your case online at:

Payment of Fines/Costs:

Some fines/costs may be payable without a court appearance. A list of those violations are included here: Traffic Violations Bureau Fine Schedule

If the violation you are charged with is not listed on the Traffic Violations Bureau Fine Schedule, an appearance in court is required.

How to Pay:

You may pay in person at Court window located at City Hall, Monday-Friday, 8:30-4:30.

By mail: Pacific Municipal Court, 300 Hoven Dr. , Pacific, MO 63069


Forms of Payment accepted:

Checks & Money Orders made out to “Pacific Municipal Court"; Cash; Online with Debit/Credit Cards


Attorneys entering their appearance on a case, must submit their entries to the court. This can be done through Law Source Live ( or a paper request can be sent. 

Please note that the Prosecutor may require you to use Law Source Live for a recommendation, or may only issue a recommendation in court.

To request a recommendation, contact the Prosecutor at:

Ryan Helfrich, Prosecuting Attorney                                                          City of Pacific                                                                                                       300 Hoven Dr.                                                                                            Pacific, Mo 63069 

or through Law Source Live.

*Please include a copy of the Driving Record with your request.

Paying a Recommendation:

When paying for a recommendation, the payment must be made in full by the "Pay by Date" and must be signed by both the Defense Attorney and the Defendant.

Other Court Information:

Defendants’ Rights 

Pacific Code of Ordinances

DOR Points Assessed Form