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Emergency notification system


Please read the letter below and then continue to the Emergency Notification System update form.


The City of Pacific has contracted with ADT Select Link Emergency Notification System. THe way this system works is much like the one Meramec Valley School District uses. An automatic dialer will contact your phone numbers or e-mail to notify you of boil water orders, evacuations for flooding or other emergencies, hazardous materials incidents, road closures, water main breaks, and severe weather notifications. In order to properly setup each residence/business within the City of Pacific we will need to collect the following from you. Using the link below you will find a form of the information we would like to recieve. We are asking that you provide us with a home, cell or work phone number and if you would like apager or e-mail address. If your phone recieves text messages and you would like to recieve them indicate it on the form. We are able to input up to 3-telephone numbers/text message, 2 emails and a pager. The City would like to have at least 2 phone numbers on record for notification. This sytem is strictly voluntary, if you wish to opt out please indicate that as well on the form. If you do not have a phone or cell phone please let us know so we can see that you get notified in person.

The system will give a breif 30 second message to the numbers called. If instructions need to be given we will try to include those as well or at least advise to tune into television or radio for further information. In addition to the Outdoor Warning Sirens we will also utilize this emergency notification system for bad weather alerts, only warnings not watches.

Rest assured that your information is confidential and will only be used to setup the database for notification; it will not be sold or used for any other purpose.

We appreciate your cooperation in this process,

Dian Becker, Director

City of Pacific Emergency Management

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