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CemeterySectionLotGraveDeed #OwnerPurchase DateLast NameFirst NameBornDiedComment
Pacific CityPCOA179Mrs. Lydia P. Wilson4/26/1892     
Pacific CityPCOB191William B. Smith12/28/1894SmithGeorge E.9/6/18764/5/1909 
Pacific CityPCOB291William B. Smith12/28/1894CollinsLillian1/1889May-51nee Smith
Pacific CityPCOB391William B. Smith12/28/1894SmithRoy E.11/14/187712/27/1894 
Pacific CityPCOC180S. B. Whitsett5/2/1892WhitsettJames6/10/18194/8/1898father
Pacific CityPCOC280S. B. Whitsett5/2/1892WhitsettMary Keatley6/23/18195/1/1892mother
Pacific CityPCOC380S. B. Whitsett5/2/1892Whitsett    
Pacific CityPCOD1128Arnold Schindler5/2/1899SchindlerRosena6/8/18095/1/1899w/o Francis - mother
Pacific CityPCOD2128Arnold Schindler5/2/1899SchindlerFrancis9/26/18243/13/1916father
Pacific CityPCO11DD - 050Winslow10/30/1872     
Pacific CityPCO12DD - 050Winslow10/30/1872     
Pacific CityPCO13DD - 050Winslow10/30/1872     
Pacific CityPCO14DD - 050Winslow10/30/1872     
Pacific CityPCO15DD - 051William May      
Pacific CityPCO16DD - 051William May      
Pacific CityPCO17DD - 051William May      
Pacific CityPCO18DD - 051William May      
Pacific CityPCO21DD - 052H. W. Close8/27/1874CloseHenry 11/18/188262 yrs. - father
Pacific CityPCO22DD - 052H. W. Close8/27/1874CloseLavina R. 8/20/187148 yrs - mother - w/o H. W.
Pacific CityPCO23DD - 052H. W. Close8/27/1874     
Pacific CityPCO24DD - 052H. W. Close8/27/1874WithingtonH. B.3/27/18531/18/1903father
Pacific CityPCO25DD - 052H. W. Close8/27/1874     
Pacific CityPCO26DD - 052H. W. Close8/27/1874     
Pacific CityPCO27DD - 052H. W. Close8/27/1874     
Pacific CityPCO28DD - 052H. W. Close8/27/1874     
Pacific CityPCO31DD - 053Thos. Knox10/4/1872KnoxThos. 10/3/187350 yrs.
Pacific CityPCO32DD - 053Thos. Knox10/4/1872     
Pacific CityPCO33DD - 053Thos. Knox10/4/1872     
Pacific CityPCO34DD - 053Thos. Knox10/4/1872     
Pacific CityPCO35DD - 053Thos. Knox10/4/1872     
Pacific CityPCO36DD - 053Thos. Knox10/4/1872     
Pacific CityPCO37DD - 054Conway      
Pacific CityPCO38DD - 053Thos. Knox10/4/1872     
Pacific CityPCO41DD - 055Galland10/5/1871     
Pacific CityPCO42DD - 055Galland10/5/1871     
Pacific CityPCO43DD - 055Galland10/5/1871     
Pacific CityPCO44DD - 055Galland10/5/1871     
Pacific CityPCO45DD - 055Galland10/5/1871     
Pacific CityPCO46DD - 055Galland10/5/1871     
Pacific CityPCO47DD - 055Galland10/5/1871     
Pacific CityPCO48DD - 055Galland10/5/1871     
Pacific CityPCO5144Elijah McCreevy2/23/1889McGreerWalter 11/15/188820 yrs. 2 m - s/o E & M McGreer
Pacific CityPCO5244Elijah McCreevy2/23/1889McCreeryMary Ann8/25/18368/3/191074 yrs.
Pacific CityPCO5344Elijah McCreevy2/23/1889McCreeryElijah7/9/18305/6/1900 
Pacific CityPCO5444Elijah McCreevy2/23/1889     
Pacific CityPCO5544Elijah McCreevy2/23/1889RobertsonElizabeth2/12/18061/12/189285 yrs. 11m - w/o James G.
Pacific CityPCO5644Elijah McCreevy2/23/1889     
Pacific CityPCO5744Elijah McCreevy2/23/1889     
Pacific CityPCO5844Elijah McCreevy2/23/1889     
Pacific CityPCO61DD - 056John Green8/24/1873     
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