The city of Pacific has several subdivisions and residential areas most of which, except the old town areas, are separated geographically by wooded or commerce areas. Sidewalks do not connect most of the subdivisions or city areas. These areas include; North Old Town, South Old Town, The Hawthorne Subdivision, The Hogan subdivision, The Monroe Woods area, Osage Hills, Glen Forest Estates, Hidden Hills Estates, Silver Lake Estates, and the Thornton road area.

The old town area is split by the railroad into a North and South division. The entire old town area is quite historic with most of the homes built in the mid to late 1800's into the early 1900's. The homes in the south division are somewhat older and more modest than the north division. The northern area is rich in historic architecture mostly of residences of Folk Victorian, Queen Anne Victorian, 1.5 - 2 story double pen house vernacular homes with high style influences, and French vernacular designs many retaining their tin roofs. The south section is ripe with German vernacular styles, one story double pen house types, upright and wing vernacular types, Folk Victorian, American Four Square, and the few Missouri shotgun style homes are located in this area. The northern area is lined with modern attached homes along its northernmost edge. Several trailer homes are located in the southern division.


Eagle's View
Thornton Road, Pacific
The Estates at Eagle's View
The Villas at Eagle's View
The Manors at Eagle's View

Forest Glen Estates
Highway OO, Pacific

Hawthorne Estates 
Congress Road, Pacific

Heritage Farms
Hwy. N, Pacific 

Hogan Estates
(behind McDonald's)

Monroe Woods
Thornton Road, Pacific
Lake Cattails
Hwy O, Pacific

Osage Hills
Hwy OO, Pacific

Silver Lake Estates
Old Gray Summit Road, Pacific

The Villages at Westlake 
Highway N, Pacific


Gray Summit Apartments - 636-629-6252
1021 Gray Summit Spur, Pacific

Monroe Woods Apartments - 636-271-3797
1 Monroe Woods, Pacific

Osage Estates Apartments - 636-257-2221
2615 Lisa Lane, Pacific

Pacific Village Apartments - 636-271-5352
1517 W Pacific Street,  Apt A

Summit Valley Apartments - 636-742-4417
155 Summit Valley Loop, Pacific

Millstone Village Apartments
Senior Housing636-257-3838


Cronin Real Estate
520 West Osage Street
Pacific, MO 63069

Dolan Realtors
308B Noonan Plaza
Pacific, MO 63069

Osage Realty, Inc.
328 West Osage Street
Pacific, MO 63069

LaMar International Realtors
180 LaMar Parkway, Suite 109
Pacific, MO 63069

Route 66 Realtors
1101 W. Osage
Pacific, MO 63069

Willshare Realty, Inc.
523 Osage
Pacific, MO 63069

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