Pacific offers quick access to Interstate 44.  Via Interstate 44 East, you have access to Interstate 270, Interstate 70, Highway 40/Interstate 64, and Interstate 55.

Interstate 44 East ends in Downtown St. Louis.  Interstate 270 circles around the St. Louis Metropolitan Area, connecting with I-70, I-64, I-55, and I-44.  Interstate 70 offers access to Lambert-St. Louis International Airport.  Highway 40/Interstate 64 is still undergoing construction.  Currently it begins in O'Fallon, crosses I-270, continues through Downtown St. Louis, and continues to the east coast.  Interstate 55 continues out of St. Louis to Chicago, Illinois.  Interstate 170 connects I-64 to I-270.

Interstate 44 West continues through Rolla, Springfield, Joplin, and leaves Missouri.

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